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  • Welcome to our website

    Welcome to our website

    Canadian Healthcare Council is a leader organization that specializes in accreditation and certification of health care institutions.Read more
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    Our services

    Canadian Healthcare Council offers the most innovative program for accreditation and certification created by healthcare professionals.Read more
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    Medical Tourism

    We also offer to Canadian patients a clear and comprehensive guide to choose healthcare institutions duly accredited outside of Canada.Read more
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    Accreditation Experience

    We offer hospitals and clinics an accreditation and certification program that help them to focus on their priorities.Read more
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    Professional Team

    Our governance and directors have over 35 years of experience in developing and implementing quality accreditation programs.Read more
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    Contact us

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know through our contact form, email or social networks. We are always at your service!Read more
Our purpose. Benefit health-care organizations for the first time from a Canadian program developed exclusively by a team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and health-care professionals. 


In 2004, the World Health Organization launched the World Alliance for Patient Safety. International Patient Safety Goals promoted by the World Health Organization have helped Canadian organizations and professionals to address specific evidence-based areas of concern. The World Health Organization has promoted the Six Patient Safety Goals around the world as the most problematic areas and with the most evidence. Universities across Canada address such areas of concern in their courses for healthcare providers. 

What sets us apart: We believe public and private health-care organizations can coexist to improve the lives of millions of Canadians who need options. 
 We are challenging the status quo of healthcare certification in order to offer a more technical, affordable, and inclusive program to achieve excellence. 

 * Other very recommended Canadian certification organizations: Carf Canada, Canadian Accreditation Council, Canadian Centre for Accreditation, CSA Group Testing & Certification, Bureau de normalization du Quebec, Canadian General Standards Board, QMI-SAI Canada, LabTest certification, and Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

Project Updates March 2019


Coming evaluations for international certification: April 2019  

Hospital News in Canada 2019:

Dirty Hospitals: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)