Monday, October 15, 2018


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About us

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Universal health-care matters, so does good quality, proper funding, and an impartial evaluation. 

Registered in five countries, the Canadian Healthcare Council and its partners are part of an association of Canadian organizations that specializes in certification of healthcare organizations and professionals. 

The Canadian Healthcare Council provides organizations with the information they need to pursue and maintain high standards of patient safety, based on World Health Organization and international standards, and best practices. 

 The Canadian Healthcare Council specializes in certification of doctors and health-care providers outside of Canada. In Canada, it was ratified the UNESCO Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees concerning Higher Education in the States belonging to the Europe Region. We provide information and referral services to individuals and organizations on the recognition of academic and occupational credentials for working and studying in Canada and abroad. The requirements for certification of professionals are up to current international and Canadian regulations. 

What we are changing: 

  • Universal health-care matters and should be evaluated properly to not have overworked and underpaid health-care professionals.
  • Canadians deserve no more long wait times and options. 
  • Hospitals and clinics should start having impartial evaluations of their services. 
  • It is time the standards are written only by health-care professionals.
  • Evidence based behind thousands of standards should have been a book of evidence available after request.
  • Evidence behind standards should be a visible document. 
  • Canadian evaluators’ state "If it is not written, it does not exist". The same rule should apply to accreditation bodies. 
  • Organizations should pay a proper amount for an evaluation based on the number of days and how much surveyors charge. 
  •  Accreditation organizations should be the most efficient in the use of their resources in order to charge a proper price in Canada or internationally.




The unique programs of the Canadian Healthcare Council are our competitive advantage. All of our programs are designed, created, and reviewed by Canadian healthcare professionals and international consultants who currently work in the field and can effectively identify the needs of hospitals and clinics.

The Canadian Healthcare Council has streamlined the process of accreditation in order to eliminate archaic and repetitive requirements. 

Client organizations see returns on their investments because they pay the going rate for hospitals and clinics in Canada, rather than the price of competitors outside the country. 

 Finally, the Canadian Healthcare Council supports clients by referring new patients to their organizations.