The program:


Canadian Healthcare Council offers the most innovative program for accreditation and certification. The difference with others is that our programs are created by healthcare professionals who work for hospitals and have implemented accreditation programs in their own organizations. 


For the first time in Canada a program that consists of four cycles of implementation. This program guarantees steps are taken properly in its implementation. Our organization avoids the illusion of change caused by implementing thousands sets of standards without taken the proper steps.  







 Each level has its own preparation tools.

1. Preparation

2. Education, Introduction to Accreditation

3. Support

4. Questionnaires and Tools

Our services:

We offer to Canadian patients a clear and comprehensive guide to choose healthcare institutions duly accredited outside of Canada. The Government of Canada on its medical tourism website strongly recommends Canadians to use accredited hospitals. There are more than 26 leading hospitals and clinics duly accredited outside of Canada.

We are always at your service!  


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