Certification Standards

Certification Standards The International Model of Quality and Patient Safety is structured by levels of maturity, these levels help hospitals or Medical Care Centers to have a guide that allows them to advance in the improvement of the quality of their processes, to finally time to achieve the consolidation of a Culture of Patient Safety.

Certification Program

Certification Program Level model with system vision The CEHC model is based on continuous improvement. His philosophy is to create a series of levels accompanied by experts during the different cycles. We want it to be a cultural change in the organization when hospitals use our model. When you have a strong culture in one

About CEHC

About CEHC It is an independent and impartial non-profit organization, created by a partnership of organizations in Canada but with partner organizations in Europe and the Americas. The Canadian Healthcare Council is registered in five countries and is constantly growing. CEHC’s vision is to ensure that all hospitals and healthcare professionals enjoy all the benefits

Simply the Best! Los Hospitales más seguros

Congratulations to Star Medica Chihuahua for achieving a second-level Canadian Healthcare Council certification. We are proud to announce that Star Medica Chihuahua Hospital in Mexico has received the second-level certification from the Canadian Healthcare Council, making it one of the safest hospitals in Mexico. The Canadian Healthcare Council is known for its rigorous standards in

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The Canadian Health Council is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved website design! Our team has been hard at work creating a more user-friendly and engaging online experience for our visitors. With our new design, you’ll find it easier than ever to navigate our site and find the information you need.