About CEHC

It is an independent and impartial non-profit organization, created by a partnership of organizations in Canada but with partner organizations in Europe and the Americas. The Canadian Healthcare Council is registered in five countries and is constantly growing.

CEHC’s vision is to ensure that all hospitals and healthcare professionals enjoy all the benefits of strong, competent, growing, sustainable and representative accreditation and certification programs.

The Canadian Healthcare Council is an organization that specializes in the certification of healthcare institutions.

The Canadian Healthcare Council provides organizations with the information they need to pursue and maintain patient safety and higher quality of services, based on international standards and best practices.

Our governance and directors have over 20 years of experience developing and implementing quality certification programs in Canada and worldwide. Our teams have delivered services to more than 500 organizations in Canada and around the world. This is the largest international experience you will find in Canada.

Our consultants and auditors have participated in projects in

The unique programs of the Canadian Healthcare Council are our competitive advantage.

All our programs are created and reviewed by Canadian healthcare professionals who currently work in the field and can effectively identify the needs of hospitals and clinics. The Canadian Healthcare Council has streamlined the process of certification to eliminate archaic and repetitive requirements. Specialists can also provide support in differentiating between certification and accreditation. Client organizations see returns on their investments because they pay the going rate for hospitals and clinics in Canada, rather than the price of competitors outside the country. For a large hospital, the rate for 3 evaluators is generally around USD$14,000. 

Another competitive advantage is our auditors. All our auditors are active healthcare professionals who currently work at world-class health institutions. Finally, the Canadian Healthcare Council supports clients by referring new patients to their organizations. Rather than simply adding your organization’s name to a website, we take proactive steps to get patients into your offices.

The Canadian Healthcare Council offers the most innovative program for hospital certification.

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