Certification Program

Level model with system vision

The CEHC model is based on continuous improvement. His philosophy is to create a series of levels accompanied by experts during the different cycles. We want it to be a cultural change in the organization when hospitals use our model. When you have a strong culture in one cycle, you can access the next cycle. They are not just groups of standards divided by levels but are interconnected cycles. We are not aware of a model in which standards are created consecutively and interconnected to advance continuous improvement.

It is important to decide on a model like CEHC because when an organization enrolls in an international certification, it is at a point that the culture of an organization is already formed. It is recognized that CEH comes to propose processes where culture is pushed in a different direction. This is why levels are created so that the changes are more accepted in the organization because they are consistent and gradual with formal and public recognition. The CEHC model understands that it is a cultural change to be able to improve a mature hospital in medical care processes and patient safety.

A model for continuos improvement


The unique programs of the Canadian Healthcare Council are our competitive advantage.

Top Canadian and International healthcare experts create, update and review our model. We are the only organization that healthcare professionals with more than 15 years in the field of certification design the model to effectively identify the needs of hospitals and clinics.

Client organizations see returns on their investments because they pay the going rate for hospitals and clinics in Canada, rather than the price of competitors outside the country. For a large hospital, the rate for 3 evaluators is generally around CAN$14,000.

Another competitive advantage is our evaluators. All of our evaluators are active healthcare professionals and or auditors for the most rigorous models such as Joint Commission International, EFQM, or ISO who currently work at world-class health institutions.

Finally, the Canadian Healthcare Council supports clients by referring new patients to their organizations. Rather than simply adding your organization’s name to a website, we take proactive steps to get patients into your offices.


Canadian Healthcare Council offers the most innovative program for hospital certification.

The difference with others is that our programs are created by healthcare professionals who have implemented national or international certification programs in their hospitals. Currently, we offer hospitals and clinics a certification program that help you to focus on your priorities.

We also offer to Canadian patients a clear and comprehensive guide to choose healthcare institutions duly certified outside of Canada.

The Government of Canada on its medical tourism website strongly recommends Canadians to use accredited hospitals. There are more 14 leading hospitals and clinics duly accredited outside of Canada.

We are always at your service!

Most common comments from our certified hospitals

Currently there is no quality management model that includes all the important processes of a hospital, therefore integrating different models such as ISO and CEHC has allowed us better control and improvement of our hospital processes.

CEHC is giving us the opportunity to implement a model that is integrated into the organization in a harmonized manner with the aim of promoting our Culture of Quality and Patient Safety.

If your hospital has implemented a strong model as Joint Commission International, Healthcare Council of Mexico (Consejo de Salubridad de México), or ISOs, as the ones that we know are rigorous and constantly updated, CEHC model is the best next step. 

We always suggest having a presentation with the hospital quality person to show the advantages and benefits of CEHC model.